Financial Modeling Overview

Financial Modeling shows you to work with verifiable data on organizations and break down the organization/industry execution on pertinent financial parameters. This examination is then utilized as a contribution to assemble financial models. These models at that point venture the future financial execution of the organizations broke down and subsequently give us a gauge of the valuation of the organizations.

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Financial modeling is the process by which a firm constructs a financial representation of some, or all, aspects of the firm or given security. The model is usually characterized by performing calculations and makes recommendations based on that information

What are the Course Objectives

Financial Modeling is the task of building an abstract representation of a financial decision-making situation. This is a mathematical model, such as a computer simulation, designed to represent the performance of a financial asset or a portfolio, of a business, a project, or any other form of financial investment.

Who will Benefit from the course

Financial Modeling is critical to any startup or to an existing business seeking to capitalize on the next level.  When the term “Financial Modeling” resonates, most companies think of a three to five-year financial analysis that is attached to a Business Plan. While this definition is accurate, financial modeling applications are more extensive and necessary to provide vision, to garner early-stage investors, and to provide stakeholders with valuable information.

CHAPTER 1 : Valuation
  1. Introduction to valuation

  • The importance of valuation
  • Understanding enterprise value and equity value
  1. Valuation method 1: Comparable Company Analysis

  • Selecting comparable companies
  • Spreading comparable companies
  • Analyzing the valuation multiples
  • Concluding and understanding value
  1. Valuation method 2: Precedent Transactions Analysis

  • Selecting comparable transactions
  • Spreading comparable transactions
  • Concluding value
  1. Valuation method 3: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis

  • Understanding levered free cash flow
  • Forecasting free cash flow
  • Forecasting terminal value
  • Present value and discounting
  • Understanding stub periods
  • Performing sensitivity analysis
  1. Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

  • Using the CAPM to estimate the cost of equity
  • Estimating the cost of debt
  • Understanding and analyzing WACC
  1. Concluding valuation

  • Aggregating the three methodologies
  • Concluding value
CHAPTER 3 : Recruiting, Interviewing and Conclusion of the Course
  1. Recruiting and Interviewing

  • What are financial institutions and investment banks looking for?
  • General interviewing overview
  • Qualitative/fit questions
  • Technical questions
  1. After the interview

  • Following up
  • Selecting a firm
  • Selecting a group
  1. Anything you ever wanted to know about investment banking
  2. Conclusion of the course
CHAPTER : 2 Building an Integrated Cash Flow Model
  1. Introduction to financial modeling

  • Understanding the links between the financial statements
  • Understanding circularity
  • Setting up and formatting the model
  • Selecting model drivers and assumptions
  1. Modeling and projecting the financial statements

  • Projecting the income statement
  • Projecting the balance sheet
  • Projecting the cash flow statement
  • Creating the debt and interest schedule
  • Revolver modeling
  1. Analyzing and concluding the model

  • Analyzing the output
  • Stress testing the model
  • Fixing modeling errors
  • Advanced modeling techniques
  1. Using the model to create a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis



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